Friday, May 11, 2012

World, environment, disease and us!

The world as we know it today is constantly changing and become very challenging to live. There are many threats persistently appear and cause havoc.  For the past decades, we are facing new threats in form of diseases which keeps evolving. We were mistaken for assuming that we have found all diseases that can infect humans. With less information regarding animal-human infection, we thought that diseases cannot transmit from animal to human. How wrong we are.

After seeing how the diseases evolved, only then we realize that the fight on researching possible deadly strain of virus which can cause another pandemic in not over. It is just started. We are merely learning from everything that happens around us without realizing the full scope of the world that we live in. As the new diseases keep spreading, we tried to contain them in any ways possible until the cure is found. As we live in borderless world, we can travel anywhere and still think it is safe. As population increasing drastically, people are push to the extreme by living near or in the same environment with animals. This can lead to animal-human disease transmission.

Zoonosis is any infectious disease that can be transmitted between species (in some instances, by a vector) from animals to humans or from humans to animals (the latter is sometimes called reverse zoonosis or anthroponosis). In a study of 1415 pathogens known to affect humans, 61% were zoonotic. The emergence of a pathogen into a new host species is called disease invasion.

With the international researcher battling to find the cure for emerging diseases we can only wait and hope that the diseases would not infect us first.

Scientists around the globe carefully monitor for the emergence of new cases

There are many diseases that came from animal and transmitted to human due to being close to the nature. It is not the animals fault, neither do human. Things will not turn out if the is no contact with each other. Nevertheless everything happens for a reason. Disease like, Ebola, HIV and many more came from animal which become deadly when it infect human being. One of the most terrifying diseases that we have to face today is Influenza A H1N1, has killed many people and becomes global pandemic.

Influenza A/H1N1

 Pandemic is a situation where a disease has infected the population in many countries across the continents infecting many populations. In addition, we live in dense populated area and have very close contact with each other. This will further increase the chances of a disease to spread like wild fire and cannot be contain. In order to access the impact of H1N1 many studies has been carried out to investigate the safety measures and the opinions of the public towards the deadly disease. One way to do so is to carry out surveys that target the population. The public are sets of people who live in population and the can learn and react to set of question that will affect their lives. By learning and give exposure to the potential hazard, it is easy to teach the public the good way to face any pandemic in the future. By measuring their knowledge level and practices, we can decide whether the safety taken by the Ministry of Health reached to the public. The public possess the developing minds and have higher prevalence of using device to find out about the outbreak. In addition we can know the public opinions about the global pandemic that stills occurring in the 21st century and their response toward the disease. We should be aware on things that happen today because of we live in the information borderless world. Do read and react to every suggestion made because we never know when the next outbreak going to happen. Do take care of yourself. Thank you.

Stay alert!